Thursday, April 23, 2009

Freshness and Biodegradability go hand in hand

Roasted coffee is considered fresh within 3 weeks of roasting it. This can be extended to about 6 weeks if coffee is properly sealed. So our question at Joe Greengo! is, "why has the industry standardized on lined, vacuum sealed, foil bags?"

Coffee is not meant to sit on a shelf for months on end before it is drank by a consumer. No matter what the quality of the seal is, the coffee itself will degrade inside the package. Add to this the fact that foil bags are not biodegradable and then even organic coffees that are packaged this way are leaving a negative impact on the planet.

This is why we use only PLA lined kraft paper bags at Joe Greengo! The PLA liner is biodegradable, yet still allows us to heat seal the packages so that beans do not come in contact with air. However because it is biodegradable, that seal will weaken after 6-8 weeks.

In our opinion, the use of biodegradable packaging not only lessens our impact on the planet, but is also our guarantee to consumers that they are getting the absolute freshest coffee possible.

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