Thursday, April 30, 2009

Organic Coffee History

Coffee cultivation began under the shade canopy of existing trees, leaving intact the natural ecosystem of the rainforest and preserving the habitat for the animals and insects that lived in it. Similar to most 'modernization' efforts, coffee growers began to grow coffee in the sun. More sunlight resulted in a faster ripening berry and higher crop yield, but was done at the expense of needed more fertilizer and pesticides to maintain production. Additionally, the berry quality was degraded and flavors changed by making the ripening process is quicker.

Our mission to provide organic and shade grown coffee is for two reasons:

  1. to protect the environment from further deforestation and degradation through the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers
  2. to create authentic natural coffee that is unalterred in it's cultivation cycle by too much sun exposure, and free from unwanted chemicals.

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